The Dental Implant Advantage

family dentist in lexington Living with a chipped or missing tooth can make everyday tasks such as dining with friends or conversing with colleagues difficult and embarrassing. If you would like to improve your smile and eliminate the stress and worry that comes with having a missing tooth, inquire about the dental implant process with your f amily dentist in Lexington . Here is a look at the dental implant advantage.

Less Damaging to Surrounding Teeth

If you are one of the millions of Americans who doesn’t place a trip to the dentist high on your list of favorite activities, then you will be happy to learn that the dental implant procedure is rather basic and requires minimal work on the mouth in general. Neighboring teeth can be left alone while the implant is placed, which means that both structures and tissue will be preserved.

Better Jaw Bone Preservation

In addition to preserving the tissue of surrounding teeth and gums, a dental implant procedure is beneficial in that it also promotes jawbone preservation. By filling in the gap left by a missing tooth, dental implants reduce the amount of bone resorption your jaw experiences. Since the process of jawbone deterioration cannot be reversed, preventing it with help from dental implants is an effective strategy.

Greater Results in the Long Term

Another reason why cosmetic dentistry professionals like to use dental implants as tooth replacement or to correct a broken tooth is that the procedure offers solid long-term results. Research has shown that dental implants are a more permanent solution when compared to other conventional restorations, and that follow up care is minimal.

Appropriate for a Range of Dental Patients

Dental implants offer a tremendous advantage to both dentists and patients by being a versatile and appropriate solution for many dental problems. From replacing dentures to securing a bridge, implants can treat a variety of problems in a diverse group of patients. One hindrance that could keep select patients from being eligible for this procedure would be the presence of a serious medical condition.

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