A Look at Common Dental Emergencies

A Look at Common Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies can cause major problems in your mouth. If you suffer one of the following, it is important to get emergency dental care as soon as you possibly can:

Knocking Out a Tooth

Whether you are playing a sports game or you take a fall, there are many ways to knock out one of your teeth. If this happens to you, you should find the tooth and clean it off. If possible, place the tooth back into your mouth and keep it there until you can get in for your emergency dental appointment. If you cannot, you should place the tooth in some milk or a tooth preservation liquid until you can get in to see the dentist. The sooner you can make an emergency dental appointment, the better chance you have of saving your tooth. You should wear a mouth guard when playing sports to protect your teeth and jaw from unnecessary injuries.

Cracking a Tooth

If you crack a tooth, it is important to clean out your mouth with warm water to lower your risk for infection. Use a cold compress on your cheek to reduce swelling and pain. You should schedule an appointment with the dentist as soon as possible so you can get the treatment you need to fix the tooth. Try not to bite on hard food or open things with your teeth to reduce your risk for dealing with a cracked tooth.

Experiencing a Toothache

Although it might not seem like it, a toothache can be as much of a dental emergency as completely knocking out the tooth. When you feel such high levels of pain, it is a sign that something is wrong in your mouth. Whether you need root canal therapy or a tooth extraction, it is important to see your dentist near Lexington as soon as possible so you can find out what is causing the pain. The sooner you can get treatment, the faster you can get rid of your toothache and prevent a bigger oral health issue from overtaking your mouth.

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