What to Expect When You Get a Filling

The dentist in Lexington uses fillings to repair teeth that are suffering from decay and cavities. If you need to get a filling, you can expect the following from your visit to the dentist’s office:

Lexington Dentist

The dentist starts off by clearing the decay from the tooth so it does not cause any further oral health issues. He or she will then clean the tooth and the nearby area to make sure there are no more bacteria that might lead to other decay. The dentist uses a filling made from materials like amalgam, composites, gold, porcelain, or resin to fill in the hole and prevent further decay. You are left with a healthy, aesthetically appealing smile.

Regular appointments with your dentist can help you spot and treat cavities early. You should go in to see your dentist at least twice a year to get a cleaning and checkup that can help you maintain your oral health. Fillings are used to prevent further issues that might negatively affect your teeth and gums.

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