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What to Do in a Dental Emergency

In addition to visiting your family dentist in Lexington regularly, one great way to be sure that your pearly whites maintain their strength and appearance is to know how to handle yourself in a ...
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Trusting Your Oral Health to John Pallotta, DMD

When it comes to choosing a family dentist in Lexington, the most important characteristics for any future patient to consider are a dentist’s experience, his or her knowledge, and the ...
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When Are Wisdom Teeth a Problem?

Although wisdom teeth are an important part of any mature smile, they can become problematic and painful for patients as they develop. As the dental professional in this video shares, one of the ...
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The Dental Implant Advantage

Living with a chipped or missing tooth can make everyday tasks such as dining with friends or conversing with colleagues difficult and embarrassing. If you would like to improve your smile and ...
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What are Dental Implants?

Dentures have been a popular choice for missing teeth, but more and more people are asking about dental implants in Lexington and throughout the U.S.! Find out what you should know about dental ...
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A Look at Dental Bonding

Good dental hygiene can keep your teeth and gums healthy! Unfortunately, even the healthiest habits cannot always prevent dental-related accidents that can lead to damaged teeth. These habits are also ...
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Missing Teeth and Your Health

Does dental health affect overall health? The answer is clear when it comes to missing teeth! Research shows that people with full or partial dentures tend to eat more processed foods and less fruits ...
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How to Handle a Dental Emergency

Have you ever needed emergency dental services in Lexington ? Learning how to handle common dental emergencies can help you stay calm and healthy if you are ever in need of emergency care. Common ...
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